Inspections by PMSA Teams

As part of Port State Control Measures and MARPOL Compliance, Masters of MVs pulling into Pakistan Ports may be required to present following documents

  1. Copies of passports of the crew
  2. CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate)
  3. Copy of hiring contract
  4. Cargo details
  5. Details of shipping Agents
  6. Cargo Record Book
  7. Oil Record Book
  8. International Tonnage Certificate
  9. Minimum Safe manning document certificate
  10. Medical fitness certificate
  11. Compliance and Safety Management Certificate (ISM Code)
  12. International Load Line Certificate
  13. International Load Line Exemption Certificate
  14. Dangerous Cargo Carrying Certificate
  15. International Oil Prevention Certificate
  16. Cargo Ship safety radiotelegraphy and radiotelephony certificates or GMDSS
  17. Certificate of fitness for carriage of liquefied gases in bulk
  18. Certification of fitness for carriage of naxious liquid substances in bulk
  19. Passenger ship safety certificate
  20. Reports of previous Port State Control Surveys
  21. Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan
  22. Cargo Securing Manual
  23. Cargo Loading and unloading Plans
  24. Garbage Record Book and Garbage Management Plan
  25. Ballast water management plan
  26. Document of operational limitations in case of passenger ships
  27. Reports on previous surveys apart from PSC
  28. Documents Fake id sale
  29. Fire control and safety plan
  30. Special purpose ship safety certificate
  31. Engine room and deck log book
  32. A/A Max Certificate for Ro-Ro Ships
  33. Records of tests and drills
  34. High speed Craft Safety and Operational Certificate in case of high speed craft
  35. Certificate of ships hull strength and machinery installation issued by the classification societys
  36. Ships crew’s certificate of competency for dangerous goods endorsement
  37. Certificate for carrying of dangerous chemicals in bulk
  38. Cargo Ship safety certificate
  39. Intact stability booklet with damage calculations
  40. Stowage plan
  41. Record of oil discharge monitoring and control system for oil tankers
  42. Mobile offshore drilling safety certificate for offshore drilling vessels
  43. Documentation of authorization for carrying of particular cargo
  44. SAR Cooperation plan for passenger ships
  45. Cargo ship safety certificate for Ship’s construction and equipment

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