Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), Pakistan Navy, National Port Authorities, Oil Marketing companies and other stakeholders continue to join hands in a collective effort to combat marine pollution in Pakistan. Vulnerability of seas to marine pollution due to risks of oil spill demands regular rehearsal of our response options. These response options are mainly directed to ensure effective measures for bringing improvements in the existing response strategy. Likewise, as part of our international obligation, our Maritime Search and Rescue services also respond to situations where human life or property is at risk. In similar context, conduct of Search and Rescue (SAR) exercises at sea enables validation of responses and strengthen coordination among participating organs. In the same stride, PMSA conducts annual marine oil spill response exercise of BARRACUDA series since 2007. Apart from meeting national objectives on environmental control and anti-pollution drives, Ex BARRACUDA also provides a common platform to deliberated upon and run through the response mechanism for range of marine pollution incidents’ including SAR exercise. Similarly, nine BARRACUDA exercises have been planned and conducted in North Arabian Sea since 2007.

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