Initially a PMSA Picket was established at the Pasni Fish Harbour on 20th May 1996. A limited number of staff was deployed initially to regulate the fishing activities. Later, PMSA acquired two pieces of land, measuring 10.65 acres and 15 acres for establishing a fully operational Base at Pasni. This Base has been assigned an area of responsibility of 64 NM along the coast within territorial waters extending from Basol River till Ras Kappar. Random patrolling is conducted in the assigned area of responsibility. The Base is instrumental in providing assistance to fishing boats in terms of SAR.


  • Keep the entire AOR under effective surveillance through regular patrolling.
  • Plan and conduct anti smuggling operation either independently or in coordination with other PMSA ships at sea.
  • Prevent unauthorized exploitation of resources within the AOR through use of banned fishing nets and other illegal practices.
  • Plan and conduct Search & Rescue operation for vessels, property and lives in distress and render assistance within AOR.
  • Report and investigate all cases of marine pollution within AOR.
  • Takeover and handle the matter of vessels impounded by any PMSA unit at sea or by the Base itself due to her involvement in any illegal activity.
  • Provide Seaward Security cover to Gwadar Port (PMSA Base Gwadar).
  • Perform such other tasks as may be assigned by the HQs PMSA from time to time, to protect maritime interests of Pakistan.

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