Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) came into being on 1st January 1987 to consolidate the advantages of UN Convention on Law of the Sea, 1982 (UNCLOS 82). UNCLOS introduced the concept of maritime zones. These zones were subjected to coastal states national jurisdiction for exploration and exploitation of resources. In this regard, PMSA enforces national and international laws, policies and conventions in the Maritime Zones of Pakistan. These Maritime Zones include Internal Waters, Territorial Water, Contiguous Zone, Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf leaving no gaps.

Induction of Fast Response Boats (FRBs) provide PMSA with much needed flexibility of quick response to enforce national/ international maritime obligations envisaged for PMSA maritime policing. FRBs are versatile platforms equipped with latest technology. Their small size coupled with high speed, reasonable sea keeping capabilities makes them effective platforms to performs diverse roles.

The squadron initially comprised of 11 x FRBs. Out of 11, 05 x FRBs were inducted in PMSA during Feb 10 from USA and same were handed over to CO Coastal Bases. Later on second phase of 4 x FRBs were inducted in pMSA fleet during Oct 11. Since the boats have delicate jet propulsion, thus the same required dedicated operators/ maintainers, therefore, considering the utilization of boats and timely/ focused maintenance, separate Squadron was required to be established. The 23rd Offshore Squdron was established on 12 Oct 2011 and Cdr M Ajmal Hashmi PN was appointed as first COMOSRON-23 who took over the squadron comprising of a total of 09 x FRBs. While the last two boats were inducted in Feb 16 under the command of Cdr Ghazi Salahuddin PN.


It needs no emphasis that it is easier to curb maritime activities that are illegal in nature closer to the shores i.e, within coastal waters. To increase the flexibility of PMSA operations, OSRON-23 Squadron has been recently augmented with more sea assets comprising of Zodiac Hurricane Boats (ZHBs) and Small Security Boats (SSBs). Consequently, PMSA's law enforcement efforts have been multiplied.

Generally, OSRON-23 Squadron assets have been deployed along the coast i.e. at Keti Bandar, Korangi Fish Harbour (Karachi), Karachi Harbour, Ormara, Pasni, Gwadar and Jiwani.

The squadron is being Commanded by Cdr M Faisal Sadiq PN since Dec 2020.

Fast Response Boats (FRBs)

PMSA inducted 11 X Fast Response Boats from USA. FRBs are propelled by dual Caterpillar C-9 Accert Marine Engines with 02 X J-322 Hamilton Water Jets. The Boats are highly seaworthy which can acquire a maximum speed of 35-40 Knots depending upon sea state. For navigation purposes state of the art NAVAIDS are installed including Furuno Radar, NAVNET Electronic Plotter, Depth Sounder, Magnetic Compass, GPS, VHF and Heading Sensor.

FRBs are extensively utilized in fulfilling PMSA roles and tasks comprising SAR, Antinarcotics Operations, patrolling, Surveillance and Enforcing Maritime Sovereignity & Jurisdiction.

Max Displacement (Full Load) 14 Tons
Endurance 70+ NM
Speed 38 knots
Propulsion 02 in no C-9 Caterpillar Accert Marine Engines
Weapons & Sensors
Armaments 02x MG1A3 Guns
Sensors FURUNO Radar

Zodiac Hurricane Boats (ZHBs)


Maritime Security Boats (MSBs)


Small Security Boats (SSBs)


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Our Mission

  • To enforce national jurisdiction and sovereignty in Maritime Zones of Pakistan in order to protect Pakistan's Maritime and Economic Interest
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