Search and Rescue (SAR) Efforts

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency has been assigned additional task of manning Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) to readily respond to emergencies and coordinate SAR operations within a large Search and Rescue Region allocated to IMO. The SAR responsibility of PMSA extends up to 840 NM from coastline. PMSA undertakes SAR operations either completely itself or sometimes requests/ coordinates with other authorities or even MRCCs of other countries for prompt and effective SAR Operations. PMSA has so far rescued a large number of vessels in distress at high seas.

Cyclone Nilofar which originated in the Arabian Sea on 25 October 2014 was the fourth strongest tropical cyclone on record within the North Indian Ocean and the strongest storm to form over the Arabian Sea since cyclone Phet in 2010. Although it did not ultimately hit the coastal areas of Pakistan but it remained present in the North Arabian Sea with high intensity. PMSA initiated a number of immediate measures to ensure safety of lives at sea as soon as threat of cyclone Nilofer developed. All the fishermen were warned to avoid proceeding to sea and those already at sea were called back in coordination with various organisations. Similarly, the people from coastal areas were also evacuated. Due to these proactive, sincere and diligent efforts, PMSA is proud to state that not a single life was reported lost at sea during cyclone Nilofer

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